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The entrance of the old school


School Brief History


University founded in early BC April 1, 1938 for the county in Chungli,Hsinchu County Nanshih separation of public schools classrooms, BC April 1, 1943 for independence in Chungli, Hsinchu County Nanshih national schools, AD 1968 to Dong-shih Elementary School, Pingjhen Township, Taoyuan County , BC March 1, 1992 changed its name to Dong-shih Elementary School, Pingzhen City, Taoyuan County . Independent schools have been established in 69 years , served as principals, teachers and local enthusiasm and dedication to education efforts, the school flourish.

school located in No.66 of Expressway, convenient transportation and an urban fringe medium-class schools. Green full potential of the East, bearing the number of childhood dream, now surrounded the campus, not too noisy and wide roads, rice and cloth-less remote, the East potential in the world sworn in as if she did not resist the modern nor abandoned the traditional tolerance. Accordingly, in the nine-year teaching program, the development of "the beauty of humanity" and become the central concept of school vision.


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